In the 2008 crisis, JPMorgan Chase, along with a handful of other banks, was considered too big to fail. The theory is that if such megabanks were allowed to fail, the US (and the world economy) would be dragged down with it.

My theory is that Chase has already failed, at least as a mass consumer bank.

Fact is, I have banked with them for many years, in more than one state. Granted, I am not a wealthy individual, and although I have personal and business accounts with the bank, I am obviously not seen as a VIp client.

But there is another fact. Out of the last eight times I had a request or required a service from Chase, I only managed to have a positive outcome once – because that day I had decided I was not going to walk away with a no.

If Chase is a mass bank – and the fact that it has branches all over the place testifies to that, here are two branches less than 1 mile from each other where I live- then it should provide services to the masses. It does not seem interested to do so.

The last time I contacted Chase with a request, I asked for a home equity line of credit. First of all, ridiculous as it may seem, although there were several “officers” doing nothing but looking at the ceiling of the posh branch, the guy who took me had me speak to somebody over the phone in a remote location. The conclusion I have is that this product is only available for people who have more than 50% of the mortgage paid off. I gave a 10% deposit on my home, the mortgage is on the tenth year, and the bank, after applying a ridiculous 80% rule, said all I had was 4000 bucks equity I could borrow against…

Then I asked whether they would lend money against a frozen savings account or CD, and the officer said it does not do it any longer…in other words, the most simple and safe operation in banking, borrowing against liquid funds, is not done by this bank anymore (they used to do it, just a few years ago). So, why are those folks sitting pretty at the branch, if the bank does nothing?

So Chase kinda reminds me of a SNL skit, about a Change Bank, which all it did was change money! That seems to be today’s Chase.

The only thing that keeps me from taking my money from it is because I would need to change a lot of stuff, like incoming and outgoing payments, etc, etc, etc. Or else, I would just say bye bye Chase.